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The Scrivener Trust is a Registered with the Charity Commission for England, no 1145288. It is recognised by HMRC as a Charity for Tax purposes.

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The Trust was formed in thanksgiving for the life of two remarkable members of the Scrivener family, and aims to continue the principles by which they lived and worked.












Barbara Mary Thomas (nee Scrivener)
b. 1918 d.2011

Barbara Scrivener was the youngest of the Scrivener children, born in the last year of the Great War. She was one of the selfless ones. A Land Army girl during the second world war, she continued her love of agriculture by helping to grow a cash crop of Asparagus at her home near Pangbourne, and devoted her adult life to her family.

Like Jessie May, she was an educator and had a love of the countryside and a deep respect for nature. She too loved the River Thames, and would regularly swim in the small backwater just north of Brunel's Great Western Railway bridge near Streatley.

Her principles of caring for those less fortunate were an inheritance from the larger Scrivener household in Reading, and the Trust will do its best to continue them.

Jessie May Scrivener
b. 1905 d. 1990

Jessie May Scrivener will be best known to many as the Principal of the P.N.E.U. Preparatory School in Bere Court Road, Pangbourne, Berkshire. Based on the liberal educational principles of Charlotte Mason, the school focussed on arts, nature and parental involvement. Jacqueline Bisset was amongst the pupils at the School, as were many who have appreciated the brilliance of Miss Scrivener's teaching methods.

Jessie May was able to provide an education for many children who were unable to afford the full fees of the School.

She was also very fond of the River Thames, and introduced many of her students to 'The Wind in the Willows', written in Pangbourne. The Trust will try to continue her principles and her love of education for all.


Trustees: Richard Thomas, Jane Thomas, Ben Thomas, Megan Thomas, Kevin Sherlock.
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